Hotdogs in plantain

While in shagz over the Christmas holidays, we had an extra long breakfast one morning,… actually, all breakfasts in shagz are extra long. But this time we were talking about food. The things we liked to eat when we were kids.

I remembered my mother used to make these for us to snack on, on saturday afternoons or on weekdays right after school.

the hotdogs, I fried them

I talked about how yummy the combination is and my husband said “So if it’s so good, how come you haven’t made it for me?!” I made a note to make it happen when we got back.  

It’s very simple. Just replace the bread with fried plantain, then skip the condiments. You really will not need them, it’s mouth watering enough.

I was looking for frankfurters. I didn’t see any, these were the closest thing I could find. They look like frankfurters but their texture and taste was nothing like frankfurters. But they were just fine.

the plantain
drop in the hot oil to fry
frying, watch closely and turn them as they begin to brown
My mother would probably say this the plantain is too brown. I should have taken them out sooner, but they’re still good to eat
and now the serve! Put one on a plate, slice it down the middle
place in the hotdog
and another

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

the combination also makes a great no fuss appetiser


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4 thoughts on “Hotdogs in plantain

  1. Which hotdogs did you use? Recently bought Farmer’s Choice ones and they didn’t taste a thing like they did when I was growing up. Even hubs couldn’t stand them. Which brand has kept the “traditional” taste?

    PS: Have you tried Plantain fritters? Just let the plantains rippen kabisa, then mash and add unga. Scoop enough and fry on a pan like drop scones. Tastes really good, great for people with a sweet tooth and is very healthy.

    1. ha ha! I know what you mean about the taste. I will have to check and see what i’ve been buying and get back to you, I don’t remember off the top of my head.

      Thanks for the fritters recipe too, I’ll try it out.



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