Matoke with beans

I like them because they’re so easy to cook and flavour. They’re not fussy, just peel, cut, put them in a pot with some water or stock and whatever else you want to use for flavouring and let simmer under low fire. Requires little stirring so it leaves me free to do other things.

peel matoke combined with sweet potatoes, 2:1 ratio respectively

I also like to mix them with potatoes and sweet potatoes. This time I just used sweet potatoes.   

rinse in water then drain and place in a sufuria

Onions, tomatoes and carrots are my basic additions every time I make matoke. I learned that from my Mother. This time I’m adding green pepper (I have the remnants of one in the fridge that are beginning to shrivel up), garlic, beans and some green onions.

I’ve never used green onions, I bought them for another dish I want to try but I don’t have all the ingredients for it yet. I tried them here first just to see what the flavour does to the matoke.

grate some garlic, chop some onions, tomatoes, green peppers and green onions and add to the matoke mix
lovely colours
next add 2 cups of stock, any will do, this is chicken stock from the baked chicken I did last week, I saved some
place on the fire and cook in medium heat until it starts to simmer. Then give it a good stir and add two grated carrots. Then lower the fire and leave it to simmer till the matoke is cooked

Now, the plan was I would fold in some beans once the matoke is cooked and make a side of vegetables (mchicha). But he walked in just when the matoke was ready and was too hungry to wait for me to finish up.

So this is what he had: Matoke with a side of beans! (^_^)

served with beans on the side

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

Did I mention this man does not like matoke? Yes ma’am! It was that good!

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