Crepes and berries

Berries are so expensive! Yikes! It makes me want to grow my own. When I was doing the shopping this time I just couldn’t resist. Plus, I realised all I needed was about 100 grams of each. They’re easier to buy in smaller quantities.

I got them because I wanted to add them to either the scones or the oatmeal cookies. Yes, still experimenting! But I haven’t had time to make either. If they stayed in my fridge any longer they would start to mould.

some dried cherries and blackberries

So as I was making the crepes this morning, I thought it would be a nice change from the usual honey and squeeze of lemon. There’s all kinds of toppings for crepes online, I’ve never really taken note of how to make them. I remember several had lots of berries, so I just made something up. First, make the crepes and set them aside.      

place the cherries and blackberries in a pan with a bit of water and icing sugar
sizzle sizzle!
I like watching things sizzle, I watched till they were a bit dry. The topping is supposed to be syrupy. Could have added water again and then not let it dry out but I decided honey would do!
lay down a few crepes, these were four
put the berries on top
drizzle a little honey

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

I think I’ll try this on french toast next. Maybe add a squeeze of orange juice instead of water and not let it dry out.


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