Plantain for breakfast

It’s possible that I just like banana’s too much. When we first got married I made a lot of nduma, sweet potatoes and matoke for breakfast. Plain boiled and salted. I would serve them with an omelet and tea, sometimes I’d skip the omelet. Soooo yummy to me! Little did I know my husband was suffering.   

plantain fried and ready

So one mornign he was just completely fed up with it. He called me and said “I’m tired of this! Can’t we have something else?! What about bread or pancakes or anything else!” (^o^) I’m laughing about it now but it wasn’t funny back then. What did he mean he didn’t like my nduma and sweet potato breakfasts, they are healthy at the very least and he should just kazia and swallow! That’s what went through my head but it didn’t come out. I was just sad.

So, I dug up my old crepes recipe, found one for scones… and the rest is history!

One thing I would change for this one is how I cooked the plantain. I think it would be better if they were baked. Plantain is very nice baked.

served with scrambled eggs. The salty/sweet combo is always nice.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆


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6 thoughts on “Plantain for breakfast

  1. In Central America and Dominican Republic Plantains are much bigger than the one in Uganda and Kenya and are part of the staple breakfasts. It is called Mangu. It is boiled, pureed and served with a sauce made of cooked onions and vinegar. Absolutely fantastic. Plantains is cooked in many different ways. Cheers

    1. That’s very interesting. I would love to try it.
      Is the mangu very ripe when you boil it or just a little ripe? What else is in the sauce, just onions cooked in vinegar, no seasoning? Is it thick with a lot of onions or watery?

  2. Mangu; Boil peeled Matoke ( green plantains) in salted water until very soft. Mash with a little oil or I myself prefer butter. Adjust salt.
    In another pot cook on medium low fire one large sliced red onion in about 50ml of oil until soft and translucent. Add 2 tablespoon of white wine vinegar or other of your choice.
    Plate the mangu and pour the sauce over.


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