Broccoli and mushrooms

We got the invitation on Thursday evening for this Good Friday lunch. We were all asked to bring something. I had plans to do other things around the house that morning so there was no time to shop.

I opened the fridge and there they were; two broccoli heads and mushrooms (^_^)

the broccoli

I think I’ve had this before somewhere. I don’t have the location or time but as soon as the combination came to mind my taste buds said “I know that flavour; savoury.” Immediately the garlic and onions made sense, it would be a quick stir-fry-like side dish.   

cut and washed
blanch, add a bit of salt to the water first so that the broccoli is already seasoned once you drain
drain, dip in cold water or place under running tap to cool, set aside
the mushrooms

As I started to remove the stubs from the mushrooms I remembered reading an article about them that said they soak up liquid really fast so it’s easy to flavour them. The article also advised that because of their soaking ability they should not be washed with water, just wipe clean with a napkin. Otherwise they get waterlogged and don’t soak up flavour later when cooking and they become soggy.

I tried. They didn’t get clean and the muddy bits were smearing all over the nice mushroom heads. I proceeded to wash them as usual then placed them on napkins which helped to soak up most of the excess water in the mushrooms.

remove the stubs and cut into large chunks
one onion chopped and 3 garlic cloves grated
in the same pot used for blanching, fry the garlic in some oil, don’t let it burn, medium to low heat
add the chopped onion
when the onions soften, add a bit of salt, the mushrooms and about 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. Stir
after about 45 seconds, add the blanched broccoli
stir in the broccoli, wait another minute or two (don’t over cook the mushrooms) and it’s done.
place onto a serving dish

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

If I was to go it again, I think I would start with the broccoli  and add the mushrooms last, the did overcook just a bit.

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