Starting the year with nyama choma

Yesterday my husband was determined that we would have mbuzi choma (grilled goat meat) to celebrate the start of the new year. He left for the market at 6:30 am to go buy a mbuzi (goat). We weren’t even sure the market would be open. It’s a Sunday and a public holiday, but we still hoped, and our hope did not disappoint (^_^)

She was a very pretty goat. Had lovely colours.

on arrival
for a moment there we wanted to keep her
oh! swirly tail! 

She was soon after put down. No, no photos of that. We’ll just take an intermission.  

So, there was a bird stuck in my Mother-in-law’s kitchen. It flew in and couldn’t figure out how to get out. My Father-in-law went in to help. I don’t know how he did it but he managed to catch it! I took pictures before he let it go. It was pretty too.


OK, back to the good stuff (^_^)

The deed is done, the meat is washed and ready for roasting. Hubby did the roasting.

on the jiko
the ribs

Once the meat was done he wrapped it in foil to keep it from drying while it remained on the fire to keep warm.

wrapped in foil

The he served the ribs as appetiser as we waited for all the guests to arrive

another angle
they were eaten really fast!


(^_^) Wife Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
They were really good! 

After all the guests arrived I was too busy to take photos. But the meal was great! There was Ugali, vegetables, kachumbari, some tumbukiza, dry fry, the matumbo and lots of merry making! It was great!


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