Rosemary morning!

One of the great things about shagz is if you don’t have something, one of your neighbours probably does and will be glad to share it (^_^)

I wanted some sugarcane three days ago. Aunty Esther next door has some in her shamba. While were there looking for mature cane to cut for eating, I found that she also has two huge rosemary bushes! I went back to get some the next day.

chopping the rosemary

When my Mother-in-law said we were making drop scones for breakfast again I couldn’t resist. I asked if she would save some batter so we could experiment with a little rosemary.  

mixing rosemary into the batter
rosemary drop scones
plain drop scones

Another thing I like about shagz is the dishes. Such an awesome collection of colours and patterns. A mix from different collections of dishes that were purchased over the years, an eclectic mix. So shabby chic! I love it.

just lovely

And then we put some in the water for tea. So I had rosemary tea with rosemary scones (^_^)

rosemary tea

Rosemary Drop Scones
Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆


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