I learned how to make these from my Mother-in-law. I’ve seen her make them before. I asked her to teach me so I payed more attention this time.

They’re like american style pancakes but a little less fluffy and slightly different flavour.

batter ready

So, to make the batter you’ll need two eggs, sugar to taste (depending on how sweet you want them, lightly sweet is good), a pinch of salt, milk, water and self rising flour.

Use equal quantities of water and milk. The amount of water you use will also determine the amount of batter you get (can start with 200ml water and 200ml milk). We put in 6 teaspoons of sugar, but again, it depends on how sweet you want them.

Mix all the ingredients together — except the flour — in a small bowl. In a large bowl, add some self rising flour and make a hole. Pour in the liquid mix and begin folding it in. You may need to add more water/milk or flour. What you want is a heavy consistency that you can spoon. So it should drop from the spoon easily but should not be runny.

spoon drops into pan with hot oil

Add some oil to a frying pan and heat it up. Enough for a very shallow fry. Spoon and drop the batter in.


Watch closely and turn when they get some colour.


When both sides are done and you’re sure the middle is cooked put them in a container with napkins or paper towels to soak the excess oil.

we made omelets and sausages to go with the drop scones


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