Pineapple, mango and pawpaw juice

We were having leftovers for dinner. Leftovers are very tasty, sometimes they taste better than when the food is fresh off the fire. Like day old beans or chicken stew,… oh so yummy!

I thought it would be nice to have one fresh item. Still had plenty of fruit so,… (^_^)

the fruits

When I bought the pineapple it was already very ripe. So I peeled it and stored it in the fridge. I only used half of it for the juice.  

chopping the pineapple
pineapple pulp

This is the first time I’ve made juice from pineapple. I’m using my hand held blender, not a juicer, so it turned into this frothy pulp! I put the pulp through a sieve to separate the juice. It took a while. Probably not the best way to get juice from a pineapple.

mango pulp

Added the mango pulp to the glass with the pineapple juice, as is, no sieve

pawpaw pulp

Topped up with the pawpaw pulp, didn’t put it through the sieve.

just before stirring

In the photo above, on the left is what’s left of the pawpaw pulp, on the right is pineapple and mango pulp



Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


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