Cake sandwich with chocolate icing!

My niece just completed first grade and did exceptionally well, surpassed all her teachers expectations. Today she celebrates! (^_^)

I decided to bake her a cake. The original idea was (chocolate)(lemon)(chocolate). I asked my husband what he thought. The rest is history (^_^)

First, I baked the two cakes. You can find the lemon cake recipe here, and the banana cake recipe here (I did it with just bananas, no carrots).

lemon on the left, banana on the right

Then the fun begins!

To do the layering I sliced the cakes in half horizontally.

bottom half of lemon cake
glazed both the bottom and the top half with the lemon and sugar glaze
put the bottom half of the banana cake on top 

Time to make the chocolate icing as follows:
3 tablespoons butter
2 cups icing sugar
1/5 cup cocoa
1/5 cup hot water

I got this recipe from my mother, it’s what she uses on her chocolate cakes or doughnuts. The 1/5 made me think for a bit. I have never seen a 1/5 measuring cup! I just used the 1/4 cup and guesstimated how much less it would be.

All the ingredients in a pot, stir over medium fire


Let it simmer for a bit and them it’s ready. Let it cool for about 3 minutes first.

a little bit over the banana cake
top half of lemon cake goes on top
pour on the yummy!
coated the sides with a knife

There is a store on Biashara Street that sells kitchen stuff. Especially for baking. I got the cake board, a box and these flowers and sprinkles from there. I called her mother to find out what her favourite colour is. It’s red at the moment.

one more coat of yummy
flowers on the side, sprinkles everywhere

It spent the night in the fridge.

in the fridge for the night

I boxed it in the morning and gave to hubby to deliver.

ready to box
ready to go!

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