Cake for the Maasai Morans

So, my husband has been doing business with some Maasai gentlemen in Konza. After a meeting last week they wanted him to stay for tea but he couldn’t, he had another meeting, so he dashed off!

The Morans were not happy!

They had another meeting this week. He asked me to make a lemon cake with raisins for him to take with him, to go with the tea they’ll have after the meeting.

done with measuring

He said there were many of them so I doubled the recipe, but I don’t have a large enough mixing bowl so I did the batter as two separate batches.  

adding the butter

I sizzled the raisins in some rum a little bit. Cooled and drained before adding to the flour mix

raisins cooking in the rum
in the flour
batter is ready

I put both batches into the one large baking pan

in the baking pan
baked and glazed!

Hubby took the cake in the morning but ended up not staying for tea again!

Oh well! (^_^) He left the cake with them, I hope they enjoyed it.

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