I’m finally getting around to dealing with the bug problem. I don’t have any liquid dish soap or liquid laundry soap like the website suggests, I have the pasty stuff and the powder stuff (-_-) But I do have liquid antibacterial hand soap! It will just have to do. Plus it’s hand soap, it can’t be more harmful than dish or laundry soap. And laundry soaps can be very abrasive.

the ammunition!

So that website said 2 tsp to a bottle of water. What size is their bottle? I have no idea so I just went with 1 litre of water, which is the size of my spray bottle (^_^)
I opted for the plain soap mix because the sun is out, the oil mix would have scorched the leaves.

the basil leaves after spraying
the parsley after spraying

We’ll see what happens, I’ll spray them again in a week (^_^)

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