Chapos with liver stew

Figured I should keep practicing making chapos. I would like to get faster. Either that or better doing small quantities so I’m not standing in the kitchen for two hours straight making chapos!

fried in a little oil and spices

For the liver, I went with Jimmy’s recipe from his comment on
Chapos round 2!. The quantities I used are as follows:

½ kg liver
1 heaped teaspoon curry powder
4 onions, chopped
½ a red pepper chopped
3 tomatoes chopped

add onions, tomatoes, pepper

I followed his instructions till I got to the end. I think I left it cooking for more than 5 minutes. But it turned out well I think.


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½

Oh yes! It was very tasty indeed! Thank you Jimmy! (^_^)


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