Lamb strips with fried plantain and kachumbari

I found some plantain at the market and I just couldn’t resist. I haven’t had any for a while. In fact I haven’t had any since I got married which is over a year now!

Back to the plantain. It can be baked, roasted over open fire or deep fried. I’m going for the deep fry method this time. I will also throw in some matoke.

the fried plantain and matoke, can’t really tell them apart when they’re fried like this but they will definitely taste different. It will be a nice mix

The lamb strips are very simple. Cut the lamb into strips and set aside. Then prepare the following ingredients:   

4 cloves of garlic, grated
Fresh ginger to taste, grated
1 heaped teaspoon of dried sage
Sea salt to taste

I wasn’t sure if the sage would work,  but that’s the fun of experimenting. It either succeeds and you learn something, or it fails and you learn something (^_^)

the meat and ingredients ready to marinate

Add the ingredients to the lamb strips and mix till all the meat is evenly coated. Let it sit and marinate for a while. 30 min is enough. Make some kachumbari while you wait.


Add a little bit of oil to a pan, heat it up and add the marinated meat. Let it cook slowly on medium heat. Cover. Stir every now and then. It will get watery, let the water dry out and allow the meat to fry a little and get some colour.

Serve with the fried plantain and fried matoke, with kachumbari on the side.

served with kachumbari


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
nice combination 


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