Save the tomatoes!

I’ve been buying tomatoes in bulk lately, just ’cause they’re cheaper that way. Been getting nice big bundles for 100bob from Sally. I forget this is a household of two at the moment so I overdo it sometimes. Anyway, they needed to be used up fast cause they ripened and I had waaay to many of them.  So here’s what I did…

Put the overly ripe ones in a pot and fill with water till just covered. heat up to bring to a boil. Let them simmer in the water till the skin is pulling back quite a bit then pull them out of the water.

skin pulling back
pull them out of the water gently

Depending on how many you have, put them through a sieve one by one, using a wooden spoon to squeeze hem through. I only had 3 this time so I did them all at once. I doesn’t take very long cause they’re already very soft.

in the sieve over a bowl
make sure the sieve sits conformably over the bowl/container you choose

A wire mesh sieve is probably better for this but even a plastic one will do as long as it’s big enough to hold at least one tomato with enough room for you to push it through.

remaining pulp
remaining pulp

I guess this could also be one way of making tomato juice! (^_^) Refrigerate the tomato juice and use it in the next dish instead of whole tomatoes. It’s very nice for stews. Also, tomatoes are very acidic, removing the seeds and peel reduces the acidity a little.

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