Mixed fruit juice

It’s make your own juice day! (^_^) I made that up, it’s not official.

I keep saying I want to do more of this but I never get around to it. It’s a very simple thing to do so I have no excuse. It’s definitely always healthier than buying the processed pre-packed juice.

How did make the fruit selection? Well, I was looking at the fruits in the basket and this colour combination just made me happy! (^_^)

the fruit selection
the fruit selection

I’m making this for two so I will only use alf the papaya (pawpaw).

cut up and ready to blend
cut up and ready to blend

Some people prefer to use juicers which sift out all the pulp and leave you with just the juices of the fruit, but I like the pulp a lot. Juices with no pulp don’t do much for me. So I use a simple hand held blender to turn the fruit into juice. But I will have to put this through a wide mesh sieve to get the seeds of the tree tomato out. Personally, I would leave them in, but I don’t think my husband will enjoy that.

seeds in the sieve
seeds in the sieve

Lost some pulp in there (-_-)

in the glass
ready to serve

I added a little bit of water so it would flow a little better and that was it. No sugar. And definitely no soda! I know someone who thinks adding soda makes fresh juices better. They don’t see how that is just an oxymoron!

I must say I was surprised at how much the tree tomatoes took over the colour, and the banana’s did the same to the taste. The flavours of the other fruits were soft notes in the aftertaste. Funny thing is my husband thought it was tangy! Which means he tasted more of the tree tomato and orange than anything else. I think he’s extra sensitive to acidity, he’s said this about other things that I didn’t think were tangy at all. Or maybe my sensitivity is very low (^_^)

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆
A little too tangy for my taste buds 

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