From gingersnaps to crumbs

Two months ago I made gingersnaps. They were not the success I hopped they would be.

I was browsing recipe websites as I usually do and I stumbled upon a post on another blog that gave instructions on how to make “mixed spice.” You have probably purchased the pre-mixed one before, it’s available in almost all the spice and herb brands. Anyway, that mixture is really good for baking. You can put it into cakes, cookies, and so on. So I made my own mix. When I was done I just had to use it right away, so I found a recipe for gingersnaps to try.

Well, I was too zealous with the spice mix. I put too much of it into the dough mix. In addition to that, the gingersnaps were soft and moist. Which is fine if you like soft and moist cookies, my husband does not. Long story short, I could not eat them all by myself so dried them in the oven and then crushed them to make crumbs (^_^)

the ginger snap crumbs
the gingersnap crumbs

It’s time to use the crumbs!

Anyone have a good recipe that needs something coated with crumbs?

I’m looking for one, let me know!


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