Herbed & roasted turkey legs

Oh man! Its been so long since I made a post, I’m actually a little rusty. I struggled a bit to do things that had become routine. Took so many blurry photos! But I’m here and I’m glad to be at this again. It’s taken sometime to get here, but not for lack of trying. Life has just been happening. (No, I will not blame the “election year” for this! He he he! There’s enough of that going around.) Truth be told I’m a busy Mother of three little ones now and every minute of the day counts in a way that I’m not capable of articulating yet.

flavourful and tender, simply delicious!

The great news is I haven’t stopped cooking. I still love it, I still experiment and I still want to learn more. And the most refreshing thing is I’m still learning from my mother. We visited her for a couple of weeks recently and I just can’t get over how good her cooking is. It just keeps getting better. I love that!

OK, I’ll stop here so I don’t continue to bore you with my kitchen sentiments (^_^)
On to the turkey recipe!  

would you look at the size of that! That drumstick is bigger that my fist.

I decided to keep it very simple, a couple of herbs, some garlic and salt, Done!

fresh marjoram and rosemary, washed, ready to chop chop chop

The legs are pretty huge. Thankfully they both fit in my largest dish. In case you’re wondering, they’re a around 1.2kgs each. So it’s plenty of meat. One leg is enough to feed three people comfortably.

I chopped up a little marjoram and rosemary, grated 4 cloves of garlic, mixed them together with salt  and cooking oil, then simply rubbed the turkey legs with the mix. Remember to coat the dish with a bit of oil too, or butter.

So, was about to put them in the oven when I noticed a can of pineapples I had opened earlier. I decided to use the juice, then I added the pineapples! Added about 50ml of pineapple juice, 50ml of bone stock.

Cover with foil and place in the oven at 200C (pre heat the oven) for 1 hour 15 min.

cooked, nice and tender after an 1h and 15min

Then uncover and place back in the oven to brown. The meat is already cooked, you just want it to get some colour, so monitor closely till you get the colour you like.


Just wanted to note that I didn’t stop to turn the legs over at any point. They cooked with this one side down the whole time.

Next, put the legs where the meat can rest a bit and drip dry for about 10 min before placing on cutting board for carving and serving. Do save some of the juices from the roasting dish for dripping over the turkey a little bit. Put it through a sieve first. then throw in some of those pineapples, or add fresh ones.

served with some roast potatoes and carrots
tender, flavourful!

If you like chicken and you want it in steak size, you will love turkey!

We thoroughly enjoyed it! The kids couldn’t stop taking about the size of the drum sticks, they found it so amusing.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½

2 adults and 3 kids (one very little one) and we couldn’t finish one leg! Yes, they are that meaty.

enough left here for 1 more decent serving

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