Chapati — getting perfect layers

We’ve been cooking together for a week now and it’s been such a pleasant experience. I have had none of the nightmare experiences I hear about and I am so grateful. She is so wonderful.

start with flour

I told her that I seem to end up with more dough than I intend (I even threw some out one time — such a shame! But I wasn’t going to stand there and make chapos all night!). She suggested that I start with flour. The amount of flour I use should be what determines the size of the dough. 

mix cooking fat, salt and (boiling) hot water

Then add the water bit by bit and stir to mix with the flour.

pour into the flour and mix
continue to mix till it’s not runny anywhere
continue to knead by hand

Then the layers,…

roll out enough dough for one chapati
she’s really fast at this
apply some oil
make cut from the centre out
take one end and start rolling
all the way to the end
nice tight roll
hold the cone upright and fold in the top
then turn it upside down and push the tail end in
and there they are, like onions, there’s a lot going on inside but you can’t tell from the outside
compared to my usual rolls

Because she used hot water she doesn’t need to wait for them to rise. Once she’s done preparing the portions she starts rolling them back out to cook right away.


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  1. Thanks for the chapati tips… I like brown chapatis… I should try this method and mix Atta with some white flour… hmmm

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