Chilli mushroom side

If you are looking for an easy side to add to your spread for the dinner party, this is it! Doesn’t take much time at all to prepare and tastes great.

yummy chilli buttery mushrooms

If you wanna switch it up a bit, throw in a bit of double cream at the end to make a little sauce, to serve with pasta, like capellini… hmmm! Wouldn’t that make a nice quick dinner? OH! and freshly ground black pepper too, just a tad though, not too much, cause there’s already chilli in there — unless you like a lot of heat. That’s an idea for another post though, for now, lets focus on the easy side dish…   

You’ll need on pack of mushrooms and couple of cloves of garlic, grated, and a knob of butter. I didn’t really measure the butter, but looks like a tablespoon or so in this photo.

butter and garlic in the pan, on very low heat,…
once the butter is all melted, add in the mushrooms
wipe them clean and add them in

Yes, wipe. It is advised that you wipe. But I must confess that I have never been able to just wipe, I always end up using water (-_-)

treat it like a stir fry  and swish them around every now and then until done, still on low heat so the butter and garlic don’t burn
then turn of the heat when done and sprinkle chilli flakes to taste, I clearly like very little

And thats it!

Serve immediately. If it’s a big dinner, it should be the last thing you prepare.


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