Coconut beans

First, a quick note to the BAKE team and the judges, thank you so much for the nomination this year. It was my second nomination (first was in 2013), I am humbled and grateful to have been shortlisted for a second time. Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s awards. I would also like to thank everyone that reads my blog, even if you didn’t vote for me 😘 Having you here is not something I take lightly. I’m humbled and grateful that you find my posts worthy of your time — so a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all my readers. ☺🙌


Now on to the recipe!

This is a recipe I put down back in 2013, just finally getting around to posting it here. It was also my first attempt at a fancy food shot with props. how did I do?

Coconut beans are very simple to make, and they taste great. I know it may seem too simple and you may get the urge to throw in your usual herb or spice but try to resist. Try it plain first, the coconut is good enough. But if you really think it needs more after that, then by all means!

You will need an onion, a couple of tomatoes and a carrot, all cut into cubes, and some pre-cooked beans of your choice.

start with the onions and a little bit of oil, fry on medium heat, stirring often till they start to get a hint of browning
add the chopped tomatoes, stir and mash them a bit as they cook
after about three minutes add the carrots and stir. You want the carrots to hold their shape, it a nice burst of flavour when you bite into them. It also just looks nicer, so don’t overcook them, they should still be firm.
Then add the coconut cream, turn the heat to low and the beans, stir, don’t leave it on the stove longer than a minute.

And that’s it. It’s ready to eat. Serve with ugali or rice and a green leafy vegetable or kachumbari.


This was one of my two submissions for the Ingredients Matcher app. They had a call for entries requesting dishes from different countries as part of their promotion. I made two, and this is one of them. They put all the recipes they received into a neat e-book which you can get ebook. Hopefully the app will be out soon that will give access to the recipes from around the world! If you go to their website you can also sign up to contribute your recipes.

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8 thoughts on “Coconut beans

  1. This is one of my fave dishes to prepare Aika. Especially with stir fried carrots, zucchini and sugar snap peas. To the beans I add a squeeze or two of fresh lime juice for lovely acidic fresh bite and I serve it with guacamole

    1. Hey Wamz!
      The lime juice addition sounds like it adds a nice bite, I will try it for sure. Thanks for the tip!
      Is the carrot, zucchini and sugar snap in the beans too or is that a different dish with coconut?

      1. Hey,

        No, that is a different dish altogether. I have the veggies as a small side so its coconut beans, stir fry veggies, guacamole & rice. If it sounds like it needs a big plate, then you would be right. 🙂


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