Herbs need some love

I clearly have not been cooking much! My garlic and onions started growing! Been using them up slowly, but I decided to plant the remaining cloves that have sprouted.

sprouting garlic
sprouting garlic

@mel_wakhu told me that she planted hers and was using the green shoots to flavour her food and she loved it. That was last year sometime. I’ve been meaning to try it out, this gives me a good excuse to do it. Plus, I hadn’t looked at my herb garden for a while.   

planted the garlic
planted the garlic

It wasn’t all roses out there. I had hoped that even though I’d been too busy with the baby to even glance outside that by some saving grace I would find it blooming! It was not so. The soil was waterlogged and the plants were dying (-_-)

the lavender
the lavender

Turns out my girl had been putting half a bucket of water in each pot every time she came, which is three times a week! Yikes! The soil wasn’t drying fast enough for the roots were suffocating! (-_-)

the oregano lost all its leaves...
the oregano lost almost all its leaves…
... but was fighting back! Yaaay!
… but was fighting back! Yaaay!

If you have a herb garden (or any garden) and plants are dying but you water it often, stop! Always check the soil before you add water, especially for potted plants in this cold weather. Roots need air. Yes, they need air.

sage had loots of wilting leaves
sage had some wilting leaves

These photos were taken a couple of days after I asked her to stop watering. She is very sweet though, I’m glad she took the initiative and started watering the plants on her own, otherwise I might have found dried twigs out there that could not be saved.

I’m still in the process of reviving my little herb garden. Here is a helpful article I found on waterlogging and flooding.


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