Lamb and eggplant

I think this is the last meal I have without a rating,… every time I look through the photos I to seem find something else, I really really hope this is the last one!

So,… lamb and eggplant. Not fancy at all. I was experimenting. I’ve seen my mother use eggplant to thicken her stews and it looks and tastes great. She usually does it with beef or chicken though.

served with chapos

I’ve tried it with lamb, just a basic stew, then I threw in the eggplant somewhere in the middle,… Β 

eggplant, also known as aubergine, I only used one of them
wash nicely and chop into cubes, dice a couple of onions, grate some garlic and a carrot
start with the onions garlic and carrot

I use carrot in my stews. I didn’t know that was strange till I was discussing a menu with someone one time in shagz and she asked how I would stew some meat. When I mentioned the grated carrot she gave me a look. It was like I had sinned! “Carrots are for salad!” she said in a matter of fact sort of way (O_o)

Carrots are for many things! They are roasted, baked, grilled, steamed, used raw in salads and yes, even grated and chopped for stews!

once the onions soften,
add the lamb and stir it in
when all the meat had browned, add 2 chopped tomatoes and the cut eggplant, stir, let simmer for 30 min on low heat or until meat is cooked and tender


I would like to experiment more with eggplant, please share a good recipe if you have one, or Β suggestions (^_^)

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3 thoughts on “Lamb and eggplant

  1. I like my aubergine coast style – biringanya ya nazi πŸ™‚ biringanya za nazi is my go to- cut in circular pieces first, salt to get rid of the bitterness, let the slices sit for a bit then rinse. After chop into cubes. I use a wide pan for this. About 3 tablespoons of oil because aubergine just soaks up oil. onions then garlic and ginger. then the aubergine cubes. turn to coat fully. coconut milk. Ideally the thin one then the thick one but if it’s the can one just pour the thing in. then salt, curry powder. once the cubes look cooked (they sort of become ‘see through’) nyanya na dhania. check for salt and add anything you think it needs. Some times I add a bit more black pepper or cumin.
    I’ll be trying this though! M


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