Broccoli & Cheese Omelette

So I woke up one morning to find I had been tagged on instagram by @mwarv to make an entry for the #whpcolorfulcooking competition that week. I didn’t have much time left and since it was highly likely that I would not be home for the rest of the day, breakfast was my only opportunity!

with a healthy serving of fruit

If you saw the instagram post, then you’ve been waiting a while — I’m finally just getting around to making the post for it here on the blog.

I started by selecting the fruit. Then realised the omelette would look too plain next to them with nothing in it, plus I wanted to make it interesting for the post, after all it was a competition.   

Broccoli was the only interesting thing I had, in terms of what I could put in the omelette. Thought the usual onion, tomato etc would be a bit boring, plus I have enough omelette recipes with tomatoes.

a nice little broccoli head, enough for two omelettes (2 eggs each)

Wash the broccoli and cut it down to the small divisions.

start with the onions in the frying pan, with a bit of cooking oil, then once they soften, add the broccoli

Don’t let the broccoli get soft, it should remain firm. Cook it only for a little while. Sprinkle some salt to taste.

then add the beaten eggs

Once it’s firm enough, flip it over and add your preferred cheese to one side

cheese please!

Then fold in half

Then let it continue to cook to desired doneness…
… and serve with fruit!

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
That’s for taste, it’s a 10 for presentation!

Yaaaaay! The presentation wasn’t enough for me to win though, but that’s OK, the one that matters the most loved it! Here is the Instagram post from back then…

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