Green eggs and ham

I really like how bright the tomato chutney was. It inspired me to apply some colour theory knowledge to my food. After all, my husband always says…

We eat with our eyes first!

I wanted to make something that would complement it’s colour, it had to be green.


I bet you’re wondering how I made those eggs green! (^_^) I was very simple actually…  

I beat the eggs with a tablespoon of a herb mix. I initially made the mix to marinate chicken for skewers which I cooked in the oven. I made a little too much. (In case you’re wondering, no, I will not be posting that skewer recipe, it’s backfired horribly!)

the mix had a bit of garlic, and lots of basil and dania
the mix had a bit of garlic, and lots of basil and fresh coriander/dania
it smelled awesome!
it smelled awesome!

Then I fried some onions, some green pepper and ham, added the beaten eggs…

looking good already
looking good already

… and folded in basil leaves

I had some fresh basil leaves
still had some fresh basil leaves, laid a few on one side and folded the egg to finish off
served with a side of tomato chutney!

Your breakfast is ready!

What is it?

Green eggs and ham with tomato chutney on the side


Its nice, you will like it!

We shall see about that!

[Takes one bite]

Hmmm! It’s nice. Umejaribu!
Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½

I wish the chutney wasn’t so sweet though

Really?!! You gave it a good rating yesterday,… I thought you liked it because it’s sweet.

It’s too sweet!


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