Late blogiversary post

The 23rd of September (last month) marked my 2 year Blogiversary – two months ago I set my first few recipe posts to ‘public’ on the blog and spent the whole day wondering if anyone other than the friends I e-mailed had found it yet. It was a slow beginning. I’m glad I stuck to it.

the milestones!
the milestones!

I can honestly say I’m glad I started this blog and it’s because of YOU, the audience. You are such a warm and generous community – you even laugh at my jokes on occasion. I’m glad you keep coming back, and I truly appreciate all the suggestions I’ve received for recipes and how to improve the site. I’ve started working on site improvements, so you’ll see a few changes roll out in the course of the next six months.

I’ve also started a list so I can keep track of suggested recipes and I will start to cook and post those soon as well. If you have any more feel free to send them to me. I will credit you when I post them and link to you, so also let me know where you are online.

Mostly I just want to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has ever dropped by and read, commented, shared, liked, followed, linked-to or pinned any of my posts! I also want to thank everyone who encourages me off line and spurs me on — Thank you! And last but not least, my husband, for taking on the very *demanding* task of tasting, eating and rating the food! (^_^)

I would have loved to celebrate with a giveaway like I did last year but I’m still figuring out what it is. I promise to do one before the year ends though so stay tuned, you will not want to miss it. Just like last year it will be something from my kitchen made by yours truly! (^_^)

Keep cooking!

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3 thoughts on “Late blogiversary post

    1. Hey Jean!
      Thanks for your message.
      I have a list of notes I’ve been writing down because I get asked that question a lot.
      Give me a day or so to brush it up, see if there’s anything new to add then I’ll send it to you.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Have a yummy day!


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