Roasted chicken with mixed roots

Like most foodies, I spend a lot of time googling recipes, reading other food blogs, looking at cooking videos on YouTube. If we had a TV I’d spend most of my watching time on the food channel. There are amazing cooks out there, so many ideas, it can be overwhelming. I often plan to try so many things but I end up trying nothing cause I can’t decide where to start.

I recently came across Dani Spies on YouTube. Awesome channel, great simple recipes, very easy to replicate. No complicated ingredients. Just nice! This meal was inspired by her Roast Chicken with Onions & Potatoes.



I like it because everything cooks in one dish. Once it’s in the oven I’m free to catch up on other things or just rest. It was also easy to modify for the local market. She used purple potatoes in her’s which I’ve never seen in the local market, or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. I used magimbi/nduma instead.    Continue reading  »

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Pizzafied eggplant

The herbed zucchini rounds were delicious. When dipped in the home made tomato paste, the flavour combination of the herbs, tomato and cheese were reminiscent of pizza. They made we want to try something else as I work my way up to pizza. So on the same day I made these pizzafied eggplant snacks, borrowing the concept from Shiro’s  guest post.

hmm hmm good!

hmm hmm good!

So I chopped up some additional toppings and used the tomato paste as a base just like pizza instead of using it for dipping on the side.   Continue reading  »

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Herbed zucchini rounds

This is a delicious snack!



I was wondering what to do with the rest of the herb mix that I used for the green eggs when I came across this recipe for zucchini parmesan crisps.    Continue reading  »

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Green eggs and ham

I really like how bright the tomato chutney was. It inspired me to apply some colour theory knowledge to my food. After all, my husband always says…

We eat with our eyes first!

I wanted to make something that would complement it’s colour, it had to be green.



I bet you’re wondering how I made those eggs green! (^_^) I was very simple actually…   Continue reading  »

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Tomato chutney

I really liked the tomato and aubergine chutney, but I wanted to try one that was just tomatoes.

served with omelet

served with omelet

I found one at Jamie Oliver’s website. It seemed like it would make very little though so I modified it a little. I doubled the ingredients, except the sugar, seemed like it was just too much for such few tomatoes. I didn’t have red wine vinegar at the time so I used apple cider vinegar. Lastly, I added dried & crushed chilli flakes at the end instead of the fresh chilli.    Continue reading  »

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