Caramelised onions

These are the onions that I put on the Kenya burger. Although for that post I didn’t caramelise them for this long, they were just softened and a little coloured. And this is not even the darkest they can get. I think it’s just a matter of preference. If you want them darker you can keep cooking for longer. They also reduce a lot, so the longer you cook the less you have to go around, so you need more onions to make sure everyone gets some.


they are so delicious!

They are the most delicious little treat when you bite into them in a meal. You can use them to top a steak, add to onion soup for another layer of flavour (I would add them to any light soup actually). They are awesome in sandwiches, awesome on pizza, awesome  awesome awesome! Continue reading  »

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Not fried & just as good as french fries!

I went through a season when french fries became my go-to starch when I hadn’t properly planned for a meal. It was happening too often, and deep fried food is really not my thing — oh they taste great! I totally agree, and I would have them everyday if it wasn’t so bad for health. So I make a conscious decision to avoid them as much as possible, especially when eating at home. We eat enough of them when we go out…

soft, moist, tasty, as good as fried but better!

soft, moist, tasty, as good as fried but better!

But when the french fries started happening too often in that season I started looking for another way to get the same yumminess. As I started thinking about it I recalled something I had eaten in a restaurant a few years ago that was served on a lovely tasty thin slice of baked potato. That one was obviously buttered heavily but you only got one with the meal. So I thought, why not bake some thin slices in the oven? I did, and they turned out great!    Continue reading  »

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A Kenyan Burger

I was tagged on this tweet, and that’s how it started about a year ago:

It was bad timing, I was too busy with other things so I just couldn’t participate back then. Plus they required a video submission which made me a little nervous. But I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it — in fact I’m still thinking. I’ve gone through several ideas about what this burger would look like.


It looks good doesn’t it? Yum!

So many ingredient possibilities! They are all tasty, but they’re all in my head! Last month I decided they need to start coming out of my head. So here is the first, hopefully you will not have to wait a year for the next one (^_^)    Continue reading  »

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Sugar snaps and baby corn stir fry

Necessity truly is the mother of invention! I don’t really know if I’ve invented this, there is nothing new under the sun, so many chefs out there… in any case, in my kitchen, at the moment it was created, it was an invention.

I needed a vegetable for the meal that night and it was too late to dash to the store. I looked at what I had and none of it was enough on it’s own, and there was nothing I could put together in a combination I was already familiar with.



So I halfheartedly grabbed the sugar snaps and baby corn thinking this is was going to be a very strange veggie side but at least we’d have veggies. Then I thought butter! Yes, I will use butter, it make every thing better. But in the end I was pleasantly surprised, and delighted that I had decided to take these pictures!   Continue reading  »

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Lime and rosemary potatoes

These lovely little potatoes will be your favourite new side dish!



They taste awesome, and even better they are easy to make. And because you don’t need to fuss over them as they’re cooking in the oven, they are perfect for multitasking. Once they’re cooking you are free to do other things.    Continue reading  »

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Roasted pumpkin soup

So the cold season is over, but it looks like we will still have a few cool days as we await the heavy rains. If you happen to feel like you want some soup on one of those days, this is a good one.


creamy with a bit of heat from the chilli flakes,… just nice!

I would actually say that is my favourite soup of all the soups that I’ve done. When I decided to make it I had just come home from my usual grocery shopping, Only this shopping was completely haphazard! I got many things without a clear plan of when and how I would use them. So After putting everything away, I still didn’t know what to make. Then I remembered that I had this pumpkin waiting waiting for me to do something with it,… and some stock in the freezer, so soup it was! Continue reading  »

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Mango and avocado salad

There has been lots of migration talk in the media. People migrating, animals migrating, #obamigration! Thought I’d join in on the chatter too  icon-smile-o

I’ve spent the last few months moving things around on the site, there are now brand new categories that make it easier for you to find recipes based on what you have a taste for. All the old and new posts are now in the new categories. If you want to see chicken recipes just click the  icon-plus on the “Meats & Fish” then select “Chicken” and voilà! All the chicken recipes I have ever posted will load for you.

I’m very excited about the new categories, it’s helped me to see where the gaps are so I can spend more constructive time creating recipes to fill them. Please do browse the new categories and let me know what you think is missing and I’ll add it to my to do list.


refreshingly fruity!

As I was going through all the old recipes to move them to the new categories I found some old posts that just said “lazy!” He he he! Had a good laugh at myself. I’m not even sure why I bothered to post them.

One of them was called “mango and avocado salsa” — no link to the old post because I took it down. I have taken down quite a few posts but not to worry, I am redoing all of them slowly and will replace them with fresh posts. This is the first of those, to replace the “mango and avocado salsa.”  That old one was… well, lets just say I’ve put more thought into this new one.    Continue reading  »

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Lime and chilli plantain wedges

Nope! I’m not tired of experimenting with plantain!  icon-smile-o

I have been experimenting with plantain quite a bit lately. Even managed to get a couple of good posts out of it, see them here and here. Not all experimenting goes this well, unfortunately, but the plantain has been fun to work with.


they make a great side for any meal

The discovery of parchment paper is a bonus! I’ve seen other food bloggers use it but hadn’t seen any in our supermarkets till recently. I’m sure it was available somewhere, likely the bulk suppliers that cater to the restaurants and such. When I saw it in the supermarket I just had to try it out, and I love it!    Continue reading  »

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Garlic and sage hasselback potatoes

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, I just wasn’t sure it was needed. There are so many hasselback potato posts out there, just do a search and see. Not that everything I post is completely unique, I learn and pick things from other chefs and bloggers too. I think I was just overwhelmed by all the different recipes people had already made.

hmmm, cheesy goodness!

hmmm, cheesy goodness!

And it’s just as well because they are so easy to change up, refresh and add flavour. They taste awesome when they’re just plain already but one could easily make them everyday for 30 days and not eat them the same way twice. So I decided to make the post just because of that versatility. You just have to have this in your list of things to make. The cutting is a bit fussy but you’ll get the hand of it quickly then it’s a breeze from there.    Continue reading  »

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Oriental inspired stir fried lamb

The flavours this reminded me of something I’ve had in an Oriental restaurant — nothing specific, my mind just went there the moment I tasted it.


served over white rice, loved the colours, even hubby mentioned how good it looked when I handed hi his plate…

It was delicious, made me feel like I should experiment more with stir fry meals, especially because they’re so easy to make. I like how easy it is to include vegetables in a stir fry dish. All the possible colour combinations are just too much fun. But first, the recipe…    Continue reading  »

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Sticky lamb meatballs

I started experimenting with these meatballs about 5 months ago, here is a photo of the first batch ready for the oven. I have made them many times since then, but it wasn’t until I made that tamarind glaze that they finally felt finished.


sticky goodness!

I will warn you, if you are the neat-eating-can’t-touch-food-with-your-fingers-type — these are not for you! These are meant to be eaten with your hands, they’re meant to be messy, and yes please, do lick your fingers afterwards!    Continue reading  »

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Tamarind Paste (ukwaju)

Tamarind is one of those things I remember very fondly from childhood. Up until recently I just ate them like candy.


the final product, all pretty in a jar

Then I used some in a dish a while back but I’ve never thought to turn it into a paste till now. By the way, if you haven’t tried that tamarind chicken you are missing out. It’s very simple to make and would be a good start to kick off your cooking with tamarind experience if you never have. It also doesn’t need the paste, so you won’t have to make it first. (Just a little warning though, those old photos are not pretty, I was still learning! He he he! Just focus on the recipe, don’t mind the photos, the recipe is a winner, I promise!)

Now, lets get on with how I made that paste. You will need some fresh ripe tamarind. They don’t have to be removed from the pods (they often already are before you buy), but if they are thats one less step for you.    Continue reading  »

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Wholemeal banana & oat cookies

So after eating all that plantain I was till on a banana kick! Decided to try this cookie recipe from a while back with banana instead of dried fruit, and wholemeal flour.


they are so delicious!

There are so many different kinds of wholemeal flour. Wholemeal is wholemeal, I’m talking about how fine it’s ground. I’ve purchased three different ones so far. One was supper rough, still had large pieces in it (thats the one I used for this recipe). Then there is stone ground and a super fine. I don’t have a preference yet, still experimenting.

On to the cookies!    Continue reading  »

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Plantain discs (2 ways)

I was eating some matoke chips one afternoon and I started to wonder how they cut them. I wondered if they would still be as nice to eat in a disc shape, which in my mind was a simpler shape to do.

Then I remembered I had some plantain, why not try some plantain discs? And thus began the experiment…


these were baked in the oven


and these were fried

I liked both, how you use them though will depend ones taste. The baked one turned out a lot like dried/dehydrated fruit, like raisins. So it would do nicely in a fruit and nut mix for example. The second one was crunchy, but when left out for more than an hour it became soggy, so better for a quick snack to be eaten immediately. Make them to be ready just as the kids arrive from school for example… Continue reading  »

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Spicy plantain wedges (2 ways)

So I found some really good plantain a while back and decided to experiment a bit. It is one of may favourite foods so I generally don’t like to mess with it. I always cook them the same three ways my mother did. I guess I just didn’t want to mess with my childhood memories! He he he!

they look good don't they?

they look good don’t they?

This time, I went out on a limb! I did a couple of experiments and they turned out well. This is the first batch, will share the other later in the week.    Continue reading  »

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