Potato salad with sweetcorn & peas

That lamb roast was huge! I like meals like that. They give you leftovers to play with for the next few days. Not having to make a meal from scratch is always a bonus!

prepare the ingredients

prepare the ingredients

It also means that if you are in the mood you have more time to experiment.

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Lamb and veggie roast

Good Morning! I’m excited about todays post, it is indeed a yummy treat. Lamb is my favourite meat and when I cook it I generally don’t put much in it other than salt because it tastes so good on it’s own already. Once in a while though I like to mess around with it and try something different. A few years ago I discovered how garlic and rosemary complement the lamb flavour notes beautifully!

how good does that look?

how good does that look?

More recently, I discovered roasted veggies. It’s become a new favourite, most especially because it’s so easy and simple to do for something tasty. Plus if I plan well and put most of what needs cooking in the oven, I spend less time standing over the stove.    Continue reading  »

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3rd Blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary to me! Yaaaaay!


Another year has gone by and Pendo La Mama is now 3! The third year has been great, but different from the first two. I didn’t post as often as I did the first two years, spent a lot more time contemplating what next? and discovering other bloggers online. I’m happy to report that there are a lot more local bloggers out there and even better, more food bloggers! So I have a lot more company… check these guys out:    Continue reading  »

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Chicken & mushrooms in coconut cream

Coconut! That yummy flavour we mostly associate with food from the coast. We go on holiday, enjoy it, say we’re gonna try using at home… we get home, and get too busy to remember. I’ve been experimenting a lot with it lately so you’ll be seeing more posts with coconut.

I really enjoy making fresh coconut cream, it’s therapeutic. But it has been my biggest challenge. I make it once in a while but it extends the food preparation time a lot. So for most recipes I’ll be using a store bought pack/can of coconut cream.

sizzle sizzle!

sizzle sizzle!

This is one of the first ones, very easy, quick dinner. All you need is chicken breast, a few button mushrooms, fresh basil, dried oregano (if you have fresh even better), garlic and off course, the coconut cream.   Continue reading  »

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Easy breakfast quiche

Quiche is a very tasty breakfast dish, it’s basically like a baked omelet. It’s also very easy to make, the only thing that will take time is chopping up the ingredients.

fresh out the oven!

fresh out the oven!

As far as I’m concerned, if you add cheese and bake it, it’s a winner, every time!  icon-heart

You can use whatever mix of ingredients you want, don’t add too much stuff though, keep it uncomplicated. I once did a version with potatoes, bacon, some freshly chopped herbs and a few other things in addition to what I have in here… needless to say it was not quiche! It turned out really thick, and heavy. Couldn’t have much of it. The really good flavour notes you usually get in quiche were drowned out. It wasn’t terrible, just NOT quiche. So keep it simple.    Continue reading  »

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