Slow-cooked chopped lamb shanks

Are you seeing how yummy that looks?  icon-hand-o-down Well, let me assure you — it is yummier than it looks! For this delicious treat you will need an oven dish with depth and a cover (ceramic bakeware for example), or an electronic slow cooker. I made this for some guests a while back and it was a hit.


hmmmm hmmm good!

This is also the first time I’ve used fresh tarragon and I absolutely loved it!  The aroma released while this dish is cooking will get your neighbours knocking on your door pretending to pass by for a “quick” visit (^_^)

OK, enough about how yummy this dish is, lets get to cooking it!    Continue reading  »

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Veggies get nutty

Have you ever had baby corn? It’s one of those things that I’ve had in restaurants and hotels but never really purchased to make at home. They add nice colour to a dish though. I recently started buying them. They’re very easy to cook and they cook fast. Just five minutes on the heat and they’re done. So if you’d like to make a colourful addition to your meals, they’re a good one to try.


loved the crunch of the almond flakes, added a nice texture

You can steam them, roast them in the oven, or add them to a stir fry like I’ve done. You can also chop or cut the in different ways to change things up a bit. bite sized pieces or slice down the middle like I’ve done for this or just leave them whole.

Quick side note, I have been nominated for the 2015 Blog Awards in the Food Blog category! Yaaaaaay! *\(^_^)/* Came as a total surprise. To the person that submitted my site for the review, thank you so much, I am truly grateful!  And lots of gratitude to the BAKE panel of judges that decided I was worthy of the nomination as well. Do head over to the Blog Awards site to cast your votes and check out all the other nominees in my category and discover some new food blogs too!

OK, lets get started on the stir fry…

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Sweet purple cabbage salad

Salads with raw veggies are totally not my thing, I prefer the hardy potato or pasta kind, or a cheese and tomato combo. But discovering the red cabbage inspired me. It’s taken two years to pen down the inspiration and make it happen (0_0) but at least it’s happened! He he he!



Funny thing, while I was writing the recipe in my notebook, I put down red cabbage. But when I was typing in the title for the post purple just rolled out from my subconscious to the tips of my fingers and on to the title field. Suddenly my eyes noticed the screen didn’t match my notes! I quickly glanced at the photos I had taken and sure enough, it looked purple. But red is what I’ve called it in my head for the last two Years. It was time to Google it! So I spent some time reading a bit about this lovely specimen.

It is purple cabbage for sure. It is also red cabbage or blue kraut. Apparently, depending on the pH of the soil it’s growing in, the pigment leans towards the red tones, and other times the purple tones.  So I think the one I got is purple based on the pictures I saw online of the red version. The juices of the cabbage can also be used as a pH Indicator! Imagine that.  

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Easy lamb chops

Lamb chops! For a while they felt like a mountain I needed to conquer. My husband loves them. Among the restaurants that we frequent, there is one that serves good lamb chops. He never orders anything else from their menu. He never needs to look at the menu. It’s always “Lamb chops, medium well, with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables!”


there they are, ready to serve!

With that kind of consistency I have debated making lamb chops at home several times. So I finally got around to doing it. From memory, since I’ve seen them several times and even tasted a few times, they were very simple. They had no spice or herb flavour that stood out. It seemed like they were just seasoned lightly with salt. So I was going to cook them the same way too.     Continue reading  »

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Experimenting with butternut and goat cheese

So there I was, minding my own business, doing the usual grocery shopping rounds up and down the supermarket isles. A few steps into the freezer section and I stopped cold! Is that?… Could it be?… IT IS!!! I had found goat cheese. And it was the last little 100g pack sitting perfectly in it’s lane between other overstuffed lanes with cheeses that had fancy names. This one was just plain and simple; goat cheese.


I love the colours

If you’re wondering why I’m fussing about goad cheese and you haven’t had it, you need to taste it. My first encounter with goat cheese was about 8 years ago. It was a topping on a pizza, just a few small chunks. Every bite that had goat cheese was unlike anything I had ever had. So so good! That became the only pizza I had in that restaurant, with extra goat cheese every time!    Continue reading  »

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