Wanjiru wa Drew: Mahamri / Mandazi

Today Wanjiru Kihusa shows us how she makes this classic pastry. A great followup to the skewers from Tuesday — if you missed those just see the previous post once you’re done reading this one.

I have wanted to learn how to make these for a long time, I just never got around to it. But I’m glad I waited cause there’s nothing like getting a tried a true recipe from a friend, and even better, with a demonstration!

In her own words…


how pretty are they?

This is a recipe that I receive from a friend. I tried it and the mahamris were perfectly soft on the first round so I was really happy with it. It goes like this:    Continue reading  »

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Wanjiru wa Drew: Sausage mishkaki / skewers

I recently had the pleasure of hosting Wanjiru Kihusa — in case you are wondering, she is every bit as gracious in person as she sounds on her blog! Do visit it, it is a gem. I love reading it. She discusses sensitive issues in a very gentle way and she still manages to keep it real. While she was over, she showed me how to make these awesome skewers.

In her own words…



These skewers are very simple to make, I like them for snacks or appetisers when hosting a group. Most especially a group that you host regularly like a bible study group where you’re not expected to serve a full meal, just snacks and drinks. You’ll need a large onion, Red, yellow and green bell peppers, a carrot and a pack of sausages of your choice.    Continue reading  »

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vegetable fried rice

I like the colours in this one, very appetising to look at. I like the versatility as well, it can be different every time because you can use whatever selection of vegetables you have available or that suit your mood.



It can also be a meal on it’s own, just add extra portions vegetables and throw in some mushrooms or beans for protein and bam! — one pot dinner.   Continue reading  »

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Coconut beans

First, a quick note to the BAKE team and the judges, thank you so much for the nomination this year. It was my second nomination (first was in 2013), I am humbled and grateful to have been shortlisted for a second time. Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s awards. I would also like to thank everyone that reads my blog, even if you didn’t vote for me 😘 Having you here is not something I take lightly. I’m humbled and grateful that you find my posts worthy of your time — so a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all my readers. ☺🙌



Now on to the recipe!

This is a recipe I put down back in 2013, just finally getting around to posting it here. It was also my first attempt at a fancy food shot with props. how did I do?

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Eggplant and pumpkin veggie side

It’s interesting that neither one of these is a vegetable! Botanically they are both classified as fruit, and the pumpkin is a berry to be exact. So why do we call then veggies? I have no idea, maybe it’s because we have to cook them.


a little vegetarian for you!

I’ve tried cooking eggplant before and I have yet to be completely satisfied with the results. It’s been decent but not great by my estimation. And I know it can be great, because I’ve tasted great eggplant. So I did some googling, discovered a few things…   Continue reading  »

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