Sweet purple cabbage salad

Salads with raw veggies are totally not my thing, I prefer the hardy potato or pasta kind, or a cheese and tomato combo. But discovering the red cabbage inspired me. It’s taken two years to pen down the inspiration and make it happen (0_0) but at least it’s happened! He he he!



Funny thing, while I was writing the recipe in my notebook, I put down red cabbage. But when I was typing in the title for the post purple just rolled out from my subconscious to the tips of my fingers and on to the title field. Suddenly my eyes noticed the screen didn’t match my notes! I quickly glanced at the photos I had taken and sure enough, it looked purple. But red is what I’ve called it in my head for the last two Years. It was time to Google it! So I spent some time reading a bit about this lovely specimen.

It is purple cabbage for sure. It is also red cabbage or blue kraut. Apparently, depending on the pH of the soil it’s growing in, the pigment leans towards the red tones, and other times the purple tones.  So I think the one I got is purple based on the pictures I saw online of the red version. The juices of the cabbage can also be used as a pH Indicator! Imagine that.  

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Easy lamb chops

Lamb chops! For a while they felt like a mountain I needed to conquer. My husband loves them. Among the restaurants that we frequent, there is one that serves good lamb chops. He never orders anything else from their menu. He never needs to look at the menu. It’s always “Lamb chops, medium well, with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables!”


there they are, ready to serve!

With that kind of consistency I have debated making lamb chops at home several times. So I finally got around to doing it. From memory, since I’ve seen them several times and even tasted a few times, they were very simple. They had no spice or herb flavour that stood out. It seemed like they were just seasoned lightly with salt. So I was going to cook them the same way too.     Continue reading  »

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Experimenting with butternut and goat cheese

So there I was, minding my own business, doing the usual grocery shopping rounds up and down the supermarket isles. A few steps into the freezer section and I stopped cold! Is that?… Could it be?… IT IS!!! I had found goat cheese. And it was the last little 100g pack sitting perfectly in it’s lane between other overstuffed lanes with cheeses that had fancy names. This one was just plain and simple; goat cheese.


I love the colours

If you’re wondering why I’m fussing about goad cheese and you haven’t had it, you need to taste it. My first encounter with goat cheese was about 8 years ago. It was a topping on a pizza, just a few small chunks. Every bite that had goat cheese was unlike anything I had ever had. So so good! That became the only pizza I had in that restaurant, with extra goat cheese every time!    Continue reading  »

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Buttered roast potatoes

These tasty buttery potatoes are a worthy side dish for any meal. Look at those perfectly golden brown buttery edges! I learned this recipe from a friend a while back, we were over at his house for lunch.



Before we get started on the how, I just want you to know that you can switch out the butter for olive oil or whatever cooking oil you have in your kitchen and the potatoes will still taste great. But the butter… The butter is special.    Continue reading  »

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Refresh leftover rice with veggies!

Leftovers taste awesome, especially beans. I love me some leftover beans (^_^) Not all leftovers are great though. Broccoli for example really stinks the next day! No really, it stinks, even if you refrigerate it, it will still stink! If you’re planning a big meal and want to make some things ahead of time broccoli is not one of them, let that veggie be the last thing you make if it’s on the menu. It’s one of my favourite veggies, but not as a leftover!


how pretty is that? it looks plain but it is flavour packed!

And other left overs are just neutral. Like rice, doesn’t taste better, but doesn’t taste the same either. It’s not bad, but it’s also not great. It’s edible, but it’s also one that is easy to refresh. For this refresh, I combine it with some fried onions, veggies and a bit of butter, yum!    Continue reading  »

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