Honey mustard chicken roast

This marinade is awesome! The chicken comes out perfectly every time. I learned it from my mother when I was in high school, then I grew up and went away to college. And like it happens with everyone, her cooking evolved and she just stopped making it! (0_O)  icon-arrow-left my face when she told me! This was 10 years later and she had stopped making it — why? She said she moved on to better things. What?! Better things? I had such found memories of this chicken from when I was younger that it just made me a little sad.



But you know, that’s just life, we all move on to better things at some point, don’t we? 2014 is almost over and I’m already looking forward to better things in 2015. It’s a reflective time of the year.

On that note, when I recalled this recipe last month I realised I hadn’t made a post on it yet. I had to make it happen before the year was out. I too have made some adjustments to it since that day. So here it is…  Continue reading  »

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Ice cream cake treat

If you’re looking for something easy and fun to make to treat your family or friends with this summer, look no further. Ice cream is a well loved dessert. Every time we have a family gathering, the food is eaten with enthusiasm (it’s always that good) but you always see the brightest faces when dessert is served. Most especially when it’s ice cream. I remember even as a child, when ice cream was served for dessert we all rushed to make sure we didn’t miss any.

a slice of summer goodness!

a slice of summer goodness!

As the summer is kicking in and Christmas is just around the corner, this is a delightful treat. And the best part is it can be in any shape you want, any size you want (well, as big as you can make space for in your freezer), any number of flavours you want and it’s EASY!   Continue reading  »

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Coconut pepper sauce

Here’s another one with coconut. A very simple sauce but yummy!

My husband likes fish, pan fried, deep fried, grilled. I don’t make a lot of it because I’m always at a loss on the sauce side of things. He doesn’t necessarily want a sauce but I always feel like I need to make one. Otherwise fries and ketchup end up being the default accompaniments every time.


look at all that mouth watering colour!

This sauce was an aha! moment. I was thinking about what else I could do with coconut at the time.   Continue reading  »

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A Gourmet Story 2

Hello foodies! Part 2 of the special treat from the very talented  Njeri of The House of Olang’ is here! Another tantalising piece piece for sure. This is part 2, if you haven’t read part 1 start here and if you haven’t visited her blog, please do: Heart of Her Thoughts. Feel free to start here, the first post I read on her site. Enough of my chatter, here’s her post…

It was a majestic place to be at this time, the dust raised by little feet chasing each other in and out the stalls, causing all to sneeze and dust their long dresses, boots stomping with determined focus. Excited chatter of the women over their discoveries this season and comparing the growth of their offspring. Squeals of joy as one announcement followed the other in ease and progressive turn.

Market days were always my favourite time of the season, where the skies were cloudy and blue, the river shimmered in the noon sun casting an orange hue like the new oranges papa just harvested, full and plump. The smell of produce, the burst of colour, the reunification of friendships all came together on this day.

“Come try this Heirloom!” cried little Apricot as she ran towards her mother’s stand picking some kind of fruit and running in the direction of a pathway that Chef Gourmet disappeared towards.

“Apricot! AprrriiiCot!” Came through the loudest of screams I have ever heard from her mother, you see we had followed Miss Old Spice to her “lair” as Pebbles the freckly new girl from the other side of the mountain called it. It was the worst smelling place I had ever come across. With all things hanging and all things smelly.    Continue reading  »

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Anne: Light coconut curry chicken

In her own words:

This is one of my favourite ways to make chicken. It’s so simple and can be so diverse depending on how much coconut and curry powder you add to it. So if you feel like having it spicy — just add more curry, if you want some heat — throw in some chilli, if you want more of the coconut flavour — add more coconut. It’s really up to you. For today I’m making it light.

Starting with the chicken, let it cook in a good size pot so that all the pieces have their own space and are not stacked, alone with just a bit of salt, covered on medium heat. Once all the water evaporates, add a bit of cooking oil and fry.

while the chicken is cooking you can prepare the other ingredients: slice 2 tomatoes, slice half a green pepper, chop up about a cup of dhania an slice a mid-sized onion

while the chicken is cooking you can prepare the other ingredients: slice 2 tomatoes, slice half a green pepper, chop up about a cup of dhania an slice a mid-sized onion

Remember to continue to stir and turn the chicken, it’s easy to get lost in the chopping.    Continue reading  »

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